Political Marketing Symposium and Doctoral Colloquium, Brno

Attended an excellent International Symposium on Political Marketing. The Symposium was organized by The Institute for Comparative Political Research (ISPO) and International Institute for Political Science (IIPS) at Faculty of Social Science in Brno, Czech Republic.



The symposium was divided into two parts – the first part covered the theoretical and methodological problems of the discipline.


The second part focused on case studies analysing various political campaigns that have occurred in 2008-2009. Interesting presentations were on the rise of Hungarian Fascism and new rightist parties in Central and Eastern Europe. Echoes of the 1930’s are not far away. Amongst presentations was a showing of the now famous spoof ad campaign for an Australian Invasion of New Zealand below for ads and commentary by  Duncan Macleod, Editor, The Inspiaration Room   



ABC’s advertising show The Gruen Transfer tonight challenges two advertising agencies to put together a pitch for the campaign that will convince Australia to invade New Zealand.

Invade New Zealand 100 percent ready for the taking

John McKie from 303, Sydney, presents a spoof of the recent 100 % Percent Pure New Zealand tourism series. The spot uses music inspired by two Australian bands, Youth Group and AC DC. The tourism pitch is online at www.invadenewzealand.com

Creative director Neil Mallet from Marmalade Communications, Melbourne, heads down the line of popular appeal, suggesting the Government find a way to give us a new public holiday in the second half of the year. One more chance for Australians to drink lots of beer!