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Al Jazeera What began as a joint venture between the British Broadcasting Corporation barely 10 years ago is now a self-regulated news powerhouse. Although plagued with controversy, to many Al Jazeera has recently been the symbol of free expression in the Middle East. The news site is now the world’s foremost uncensored Arab news service. Since the War in Iraq, the news service has fought to stay online despite hackers and accusations.

Africa Online African news and information site is the most comprehensive Africa-based online news source about the continent. They provide more information about political developments that anyone on the continent. As such they are a vital source on information not only for African but countless millions that want a full and fair view of politics and the forces that are shaping the continent.

America Online Through the creation of comprehensive voter and government service guides – available to all online users, not just members – AOL has helped to change the way in which the American electorate learns about and engages with politicians and the political process.

André Santini In the mid 1990s, when the Internet was not yet prevalent throughout Europe, Mayor Andre Santini thought of his city not just as a suburb in France, or even a city in Europe. He envisioned it as a leader in a huge, fast-moving, high-tech world; and he began taking major strides toward that vision. When it comes to information technology, the Paris suburb, Issy-les-Moulineaux, is now the most advanced city in France – and it’s getting a lot of attention around the world. Santini is also president of the Global Cities Dialogue, a worldwide network of cities, which are interested in creating an information society free of digital divide and based on sustainable development.

Accenture eDemocracy Services UK
 The Accenture eDemocracy Services (AeS) UK team have spent the last five years wholly dedicated to the delivery of e-democracy and electoral modernization.Using state-of-the-art technology, the team has made it more convenient for millions of citizens around the world to engage with government. The UK team approaches each project from the citizen’s perspective to help bring the concept of ‘citizen-centric’ government one step closer to reality. AeS has worked closely with Sheffield City Council on the development and deployment of new Citizen Relationship Management models and has helped the City to achieve ‘Best UK Local Authority of 2005′. The team has also co- founded the OASIS’ Election Technical Committee which aims to render election data standard internationally transparent. AeS has undertaken key roles in the UK’s National e-Democracy and Election Modernization strategic projects, and was awarded European Union Best Practice status in May 2003.

John Aravosis/Americablog
 With multi-faceted expertise in law, politics, journalism, and public relations, John Aravosis is one of the nation’s foremost Internet political strategists. His clients range from the US Department of State to Planned Parenthood and America’s top civil rights organizations. His, created in 2004, has received huge amounts of attention as one of the top liberal blogs . Mr. Aravosis launched the very successful campaign in February 2000. Mr. Aravosis has also taken the lead in other high-profile gay rights cases, including the Timothy McVeigh AOL privacy case (1998), Matthew Shepard Online Resources (1998-99), and most recently his efforts to stop the anti-gay federal constitutional amendment with and (2003-04).

BBC News and iCan team The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) website is arguably the leading global authority in political news. However, the broadcasting company is venturing into new online initiatives hoping to combat voter by funding a new online experiment in grassroots activism. The iCan website is being designed to help citizens investigate issues that concern them, find others who share those concerns and provide advice and tools for organizing and engaging in the political process. The iCan site will use public forums to help connect like-minded citizens, and a “democracy database” packed with information on tips for grassroots campaigning and the legislative process.

BBC Action Network
 The BBC launched its new Action Network in late June. Formerly iCan, the redesign is the result of 18 months of testing the site and redeveloping in response to user needs. iCan helped citizens connect with each other through public forums and a “democracy database” packed with information on tips for grassroots campaigning and the legislative process. The new Action Network makes it even easier for users to find and connect with other like- minded people in their community. New additions include alerts, syndication, and a revised user interface. BBC Action Network’s aim is to enhance the overwhelming feeling of empowerment users report in using the site to take responsibility for issues they care about.

Bharatiya Janata Party In February 2004, India’s ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) announced the launch of an unprecedented e-campaign, forever changing the way Parties campaign in India, the world’s largest democracy. The BJP used its proven organizing skills to embark on an e-campaign blitzkrieg to seek voters through telephones, television, radio and the Internet. During the campaign the BJP sent messages to almost 20 million e-mail addresses, nearly every e-mail address in the country, and electronically contacted an equal amount of mobile and land telephones.

Blogger Blogger, one of the most popular blog-building software companies in the world, focuses on helping people have their own voice on the web and organizing the world’s information from the personal perspective. Blogger, now owned by Google, was started by a tiny company in San Francisco called Pyra Labs in August of 1999. Since Blogger was launched, almost five years ago, blogs have reshaped the web, impacted politics, shaken up journalism, and enabled millions of people to have a voice and connect with others.

Convio and Vinay Bhagat Vinay Bhagat is the founder and CEO of Austin-based Convio, the leading Constituent Relationship Management, or CRM, company serving the nonprofit sector. Convio’s mission is to increase the effectiveness of how nonprofit organizations attract, engage and retain constituents to provide funding and other forms of support. Convio’s software was used by a number of Presidential Candidates in the 2004 elections. Bhagat is a frequent speaker at national and regional nonprofit conferences on ePhilanthropy and advanced Internet technologies for nonprofits, Bhagat also is a widely published author.

Carl Bildt

Carl Bildt was one of the very first leading politicians in the world to use e-mail (in a famous correspondence with President Bill Clinton in 1994). He also introduced an e-newsletter which quickly received more than 10,000 subscribers – one of the largest in Europe at that time. He has written numerous articles on Internet-related subjects and has held a number of speeches. Among other innovative projects, he is now working with global Internet governance issues for ICANN.

Ben Casnocha

Fifteen-year-old Ben Casnocha is Founder & Chairman of Comcate, Inc. of San Francisco. After holding focus groups with local governments for 8 months in California, Ben launched his own e-government company and is now considered a pioneer in the Silicon Valley for sparking the e-government vision for California governments. At such a young age, Ben frequently speaks with governments on e-government, technology in government, and how the Internet will affect government’s day-to-day operations and political structure.

West Cheshire & North Wales Chamber of Commerce

Representing businesses across West Cheshire and North Wales the West Cheshire & North Wales Chamber of Commerce we are the premier private sector providers of business support and networking solutions.  They are committed to promoting economic growth in the region and offer a broad portfolio of Membership services and benefits that help our Members grow their business.

Farai Chideya

A multi-media journalist who has worked in print, television, and online. Five years ago she founded, an online journal of news and opinion for a diverse national and international audience. She and the site have won a MOBE IT Innovator award and been named one of Alternet’s New Media Heroes. Chideya’s stereotype-shattering 1995 book, Don’t Believe the Hype: Fighting Cultural Misinformation About African-Americans is now in its eighth printing. Using statistics, she systematically undercuts the argument that African-Americans are at the root of problems like crime, welfare and drugs.

Steven Clift

A consultant and board chair for, Steve is a tireless advocate for expanding the use of the Internet in both informing the public about the political and government systems, and also in engaging citizens and policymakers in political debate. His positive, yet realistic outlook regarding the state of Internet engagement and political involvement today provides both an inspiration to those who will lead the way in the future and a sound criticism of what works, what doesn’t, and how to move forward. He has become a foremost authority in E-democracy advancements, and his speaking engagements and written work are a strong testament to his commitment to the field.

Steve Coleman
The world’s first professorship in e-Democracy was appointed to Dr. Stephen Coleman by the Oxford Internet Institute (OII). Until recently, Dr. Coleman was the Director of the e-Democracy program at the Hansard Society for Parliamentary Government. In this position, he advised government and industry in the UK and throughout Europe on how to use the Internet and Web in ways that enable improved forms of political participation, such as by supporting better communication between and among citizens and parliamentarians on important policy issues. Professor Coleman was the pioneer of online consultations for the UK Parliament and also lectures in Media & Communication at the London School of Economics.

Etienne Chouard
Mr. Chouard is an example of how an ordinary citizen can voice his opinion on the Internet and ultimately change international politics. A high school law teacher, Chouard set up a blog protesting the proposed EU constitution and urged others to vote against it as well. Just before the vote, his blog had gained attention across France and received over 25,000 hits per day. Despite pro-constitution support from political leaders and a huge media campaign, Mr. Chouard and his supporters triumphed when voters ultimately rejected the constitution. Mr. Chouard of course cannot be given all of the credit for the constitution’s defeat, but his blog is one of the most successful examples of Internet grassroots activism.

Ciudad Politica
The Spanish-speaking Portal for Political Analysis and Information Ciudad Politica is an independent portal promoting the development of political science in Latin America. The portal aims at supporting the political science community and provides communication forums and creating a network among institutions, civil society and politics. Students, journalists, politicians, scholars and civil servants debate, write articles and papers in the several home- page forums.

Steven Clift and Local E- Democracy Issues Forum
Steven Clift is an activist for the spread of e- Democracy and the chairman of the Local E- Democracy Issues Forum. The Local Issues Forum seeks to create a medium for citizens to discuss local problems, communicate and organize. Tested in England, the project proved successful as each community met or exceeded recruitment goals, with over 30% of subscribers posting public comments on a diversity of local issues. With its success, plans have already been made to increase the Issues Forum’s audience and capabilities.

Adam Curry
Adam Curry’s ingenious fusion of Internet and Ipod technology has earned him the title the “Ed Sullivan of podcasting”. Podcasting changes the way people receive music, news, and other information. By simply subscribing to individual podcasts, MP3 users can have new files automatically downloaded to their players. A former MTV veejay, Curry has his own music podcast. Podcasting has been adapted for other uses and now affects the way people receive not just music, but news and information as well.
What began in May 2002 as a daily online rant for Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, has developed into a huge cult following and a pillar of the online Democrat community. In its first year, Daily Kos attracted over 1.6 million unique visits and about 3 million pageviews. It currently receives nearly four million unique visits per month. The success of DailyKos has spurred Moulitsas to also launch the Political State Report, a collaborative weblog (with over 100 contributors) tracking politics from all 50 states and, a site tracking the nation’s hottest races. Daily Kos was one of first ever bloggers credentialed to cover the 2004 Democratic National Convention and has raised over $400,000 for Democratic candidates.

Dan Jellinek
Dan Jellinek is Editor of E-Government Bulletin, the first and best email service covering electronic public services, ‘teledemocracy’ and the information society in the UK and the world. The Bulletin is a free, independent publication, aimed at everyone in government, local government, the social sector and their private sector partners. Jellinek is co-Founder of the new media publisher and virtual policy think-tank Headstar. Dan’s background is in journalism, writing about the effects of the Internet on society for the Guardian and BBC Online. He has written two books: Official UK: A guide to government web sites and your health and the Internet, the latter co-written with Dr Paul Lambden and Roy Lilley.

Matt Drudge
Matt Drudge, the Internet’s hottest scoopster and the one-man news bureau that broke the Monica Lewinsky scandal, runs the globally recognized website the Drudge Report focusing on political news and the business of Hollywood, where he exposed the Lewinsky scandal to the world. Drudge began ‘The Drudge Report’ in 1995 when he was managing the CBS studio gift shop and thought it would be an amusing hobby to use the Net to relay the gossip he overheard. Drudge’s declared aim is to give ‘the American people’ the information he believes to be correct or important, and to revolutionize the media industry with a breath of fresh, young air. With the increasing use of the Internet as a news source for politics in 2004, Drudge’s reach has expanded exponentially.

Hossein Derakhshan
Hossein’s award-winning blog “Editor: Myself” was started in September 2001 and advocates using the Internet to bring social and political change to Iran. Houssein was born in Iran, and now lives in Canada. Editor: Myself contains step-by-step instructions in Persian on how visitors to his site can start their own blogs, giving Houssein some credit for the thousands of new Iranian blogs, many of which promote democracy and free speech in a historically repressive society. His website contains blogs in English, Persian, a photoblog, and a blog.

Digital Divide Network
DDN is the largest Internet resource providing information regarding the digital divide and strategies on how to close it. It features several different communities/topics, including Tsunami aid/how to use the Internet for disaster relief, E-government, and literacy. Virtual meeting rooms allow activists to communicate in real time and plan events. DDN promotes global discussion on this important issue and currently has over 7,000 members from 115 countries

Election Europe develops secure Internet voting systems by Internet (mode ASP) or Intranet for polling stations, enterprises, conferences and conventions. These services have flawlessly met the needs of professional elections including the elections of Committee Enterprise and Union delegates, Joint Administrative Committees, and for the Orders and Trade associations. The team has more than 20 years of experience in the electoral medium and technologies Internet and was a pioneer in developing the world’s online primary election in Arizona, ICANN, EU-Student Vote, and other local elections in the United Kingdom.

Estonia has the most advanced information infrastructure of any formerly communist eastern European state, and on June 28, 2005, the Estonian Parliament approved Internet voting for local elections in October 2005 and national Parliamentary elections in 2007. Developed by IT services company Cybernetica for the Estonian National Electoral Committee, the Internet voting system uses the Estonian electronic ID card to identify voters. Over 50% of citizens today hold such a card and, according to the government, every Estonian citizen will have an electronic ID card by the end of 2006. Dubbed E-Stonia by some, the country has ranked near the top of the list of countries in putting the Net to practical use – ranking as high as No. 2 in Internet banking and third in e-government in a recent World Economic Forum report.

Faculty Development Associates
Our mission is to provide client universities, colleges and instructional departments with an array of services to improve the accountability outcomes of their instructional programs. In the process, the expectations of your students, trustees and other stakeholders will be systematically surpassed.

Franck Biancheri
Franck Biancheri has been a successful European activist fighting for the democratization of the European Union for more than twenty years. Through his numerous exploits, Biancheri has demonstrated both his resolve and ability to further his cause and to reach out to people – the basis for any democratic campaign. His achievements include founding AEGEE-EUROPE, a student network that assembled over 12,000 members in its first three years of existence, creating the independent political party Initiative for a European Democracy (I.D.E.), launching and developing TIESWeb (the Transatlantic International Exchange System), the Newropeans Networks and the Europe 2020 Foundation.

Google for Academics [Beta]

Dan Gillmor
Gillmor left his job at the San Jose Mercury News to focus on blogging rights and grassroots journalism. He has since become a major, well-respected grassroots advocate, urging bloggers to be aware and protective of their rights. He has published a book on the subject called “We the Media”, and supports Creative Commons, a nonprofit that offers flexible copyrights/protection for writers and artists. He also has a daily blog to keep bloggers updated on grassroots policies and copyright laws.

The Hansard Society
With over 60 years of experience in monitoring and supporting the work of the UK’s elected representatives, institutions and government, the Hansard Society has been instrumental in the development of e-democracy over the last decade. Combining creativity, business-acumen and knowledge of the wider political context, the Society’s e-Democracy resources and patronage have helped create a vibrant new field in UK politics. During the 2005 general election, the Society provided coaching and technical support to bring homeless people into mainstream politics through the use of weblogs. The Society’s publications have a reputation for cultivating high-quality research and debate, accessible to the expert and casual observer alike.

How To Increase Happiness and Productivity in the Workplace

International Simultaneous Policy Organization

This is a growing political focuses on the web. Its goal is to unite people from many political and economic paths in a bid to bring reason back to the realm of political decision making and save our planet from the destructive effects of rampant, uncontrolled capitalism. The International Simultaneous Policy Organization (ISPO) is a growing association of citizens worldwide who use their votes in a coordinated, effective way to drive all nations to co-operate in solving our planetary crisis. ISPO goes beyond merely demanding greater political accountability by offering citizens a new way of restoring genuine democracy lawfully and peacefully, one vote at a time.

Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet
During its six years’ existence, the Institute has established a national and international reputation as the premier center for the study of the Internet’s effect on politics, producing practical studies that address the larger questions about the Internet and politics IPDI’s staff have developed materials during that time that have helped academics, advocates, and practitioners understand the potential power of this new and evolving technology. The variety of scholars, real world political operatives and the Politics On Line Conference make them on of the most unique and comprehensive actors in the field of politics and the Internet. The Institute provides a balance of dreamers and data driven realists who tell us what we know and help push us to contemplate a variety of ideas and concepts we should get to know.

JibJab Media Inc.
JibJab’s ‘This Land’ animation was one of the most memorable parts of the 2004, combining humor and the Internet to make a political splash. Over 60 million people saw the online animated skit, which poked fun at both campaigns, highlighting both the issues and the mud-slinging. With so many people watching and passing the piece around, ‘This Land’ engaged potential voters in a way that the news media did not, relying solely on individual Internet and e-mail communication.

John Hlinko
Long recognized as an innovator on the grassroots engagement front, John Hlinko has received numerous awards for his work and been covered by a range of media. Hlinko founded and led “,” one of the most successful grassroots movements in American political history. Following the successful effort, Hlinko was named as the Director of Internet Strategy for the Clark for President campaign. Hlinko was also the founder of a number of other creative grassroots efforts, including, a dating site for activists. In 1998, he helped lead, an anti-impeachment petition that generated over half a million signatures and several million dollars in donations.

Howard Kaloogian
Howard Koolgian, Chairman of Move America Forward and former California State Assemblyman, made history when he launched the Recall Gray Davis Committee, an on and off-line effort which ousted Democrat Governor Gray Davis from office and resulted in the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the governor’s office. Davis was the first statewide elected official recalled in California’s history. Kaloogian also led the Defend Reagan Committee another successful merging of and offline efforts, where hundreds of thousands of Reagan supporters across America to fight against what was called a smear campaign waged against Reagan by CBS, Viacom and Showtime with their anti-Reagan production, “The Reagans.” So many Reagan supporters flooded the offices of CBS and their sponsors with complaints that the movie was cancelled on network television.

Vince Keenan

Keenan is responsible for one of the best political sites focused on one geographic area, the state of Michigan. Founded in 1996 by Mr. Keenan to explore the impact of the Internet on democracy and develop web-based tools to enhance the exchange of ideas and information. It is a one-stop shop for politics on every level from city to state wide elections. All candidate information for every election in every county, city and township in Michigan was provided to the 6 million registered voters in Michigan.

John Kerry-John Edwards e-campaign
Led by e-campaign manager Dick Bell, the Kerry-Edwards04 campaign has smashed online fundraising records never thought achievable in the 2004 elections. Though Howard Dean was largely responsible for proving small online contributions could successfully fund a campaign, the Kerry-Edwards04 campaign quickly passed the amount Dean’s raised online, continuously braking records by raising over $1 million in 24 hours online on several different occasions. Kerry used the Internet to raise $10 million in 10 days and raised over $60 million online, one third of its total donations. The last day Kerry was legally allowed to accept contributions, his website took in over $5.7 million in online donations without server error or delay.

Erkki Liikanen

European Commissioner Erkki Liikanen. His influence in the way Internet and more largely electronic communications have been developing in the European Union and its impact in other parts of the world. Given his position, his impact on the Internet (and there fore politics) in Europe and globally, is huge.

Liu Di A.K.A. Stainless Steel Mouse
Read about her here:
Liu Di, is a prominent Chinese Internet dissident representing one of the many faces in an online revolution brewing in China. The a twenty-two year-old psychology major at Beijing Normal University, posts comments on Chinese Internet chatrooms, under the pen name “stainless-steel mouse.” In 2001, she started her own a chatroom, “A Life Like Fire,” in 2001 after police closed down one she preferred. Liu published several articles on the Xici on-line bulletin board that criticized government restrictions on the Internet. In 2002 she was imprisoned for allegedly criticizing the jailing of a well-known dissident, Huang Qi, and released from confinement in November 2003. Though she has already faced imprisonment, she still resumes her writing, speaking out against government corruption and calling for the release of other dissidents.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
During his tenure as Brazil’s President da Silva has worked hard to take free software to Brazil’s poorest citizens. One project includes opening thousands of community computer hubs where Brazilians will surf the Web, access government services, and take computing courses-all on PCs loaded with free software. Another initiative, called PC Conectado, or Connected PC, aims at helping low-income families buy their first computers and get on the Internet- once again, on PCs equipped only with free software. Da Silva is also an ardent advocate of free software based on open source code that users can study and modify. The result is that in recent years Brazil has become one of the world’s most prominent battlegrounds of the Microsoft Windows versus Linux war.

What started as a way to organize a local gathering of people on a global level, MeetUp has become the key tool in building online support for politicians. Over 650,000 people have already signed up for MeetUps to discuss over 2,029 topics. Currently over 180,000 people worldwide use MeetUp’s for politics and activism.

Jim Moore

Dr. Jim Moore wrote The Second Superpower Rears its Beautiful Head, which sums up his central interest: Can citizens worldwide join through communications technology, engage international institutions, and become a transnational “second superpower” to counterbalance and dialogue with

the U.S. government in its role as superpower? Since it’s online posting, the articles thesis has been the central tenet in a slowly build online global movement.

Mozambique E- gov
In an attempt improve government communication and public services, Mozambique has established an e-government project linking 15 national public administration entities in Maputo. The ministries now share a unified e-mail system, intranet and document management system, as well as cost-effective shared access to the Internet. A new government Web portal has also been launched intended to increase public access to information. Once complete, the network will connect approximately 10 000 government workers and 7 500 workstations. GovNet’s ultimate purpose is national coordination on projects to encourage growth and reduce poverty.

This Latvian site is a great example of a “one-stop politics and policy-shop” in a small country where good resources online are often scarce. They provide and online environment for debate and critique amongst the policy community and individuals. has seen Latvian of all political stripes working together and making available on-line a wealth of policy studies, political documents, draft legislation, expert reviews, opinion articles by leading policy analysts, politicians and NGOs and other resources. is a design firm offering political signs, banners, posters, bumper stickers, and other goods for political candidates to promote political campaigns

Pambazuka is an online newsletter promoting social change and development in Africa. It reaches over 60,000 people worldwide every week, keeping them updated on African human rights, conflict, health, environment, social welfare, development, and the Internet. The Pambazuka site promotes grassroots activism with links to fundraising organizations and petition sites, and viewers also have the option of texting their opinions to government numbers provided by Pambazuka

Three years ago, a crew of four people quietly launched the South Korean “citizen journalism” Web site OhmyNews. Since then, the site’s full-time staff has grown to 53 — including 35 full-time reporters and editors — and the number of “citizen reporters” writing for the site has grown from 700 to about 26,700. Citizen reporters submit about 200 articles every day, and about 1 million readers visit OhmyNews each day. The site mixes straight news reporting and commentary. Its influence at the grassroots level has been widely credited with helping President Roh Moo-hyun win the popular vote. San Jose Mercury News tech columnist Dan Gillmor wrote recently of the site: “OhmyNews is transforming the 20th century’s journalism-as-lecture model — where organizations tell the audience what the news is and the audience either buys it or doesn’t — into something vastly more bottom-up, interactive and democratic.”

Jim Orr

Orr runs the White House internet operations. That alone warrants his name on this list but his standing goes beyond his job title. He has developed online chats, ask the White House and other tools to promote communication between the Bush Administration and citizens. Orr and his staff at the White House are changing the way citizens can learn of White House policy directly from the source unfiltered by any media.

Dr. Rubens Medina

Melinda has created and built the Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) – a visionary electronic cooperative network of national governments that maintains a database of laws, regulations and other

complementary legal sources of member nations around the world. The repository is currently at the U.S. Library of Congress GLIN will provide real-time, transparent access of a member nation’s law via the

Internet to its citizens as well as other nations and the global public. GLIN is the embodiment of “Democracy Online”, and typifies this year’s conference theme of freedom in the digital age!

Roh Moo-hyun

A self-educated human rights attorney from a poor family in South Korea, seized the power of the Internet and made history by winning the presidency in December 2002. Before the 2002 election, Roh was best known for his failed attempts at being elected to the South Korean parliament, but an online group interrupted the pattern. The 70,000 members strong group coined themselves “Nosamo,” literally, supporters of Roh, and led a public relations campaign to promote their favorite candidate. Roh has since led South Korea towards greater e-democracy and set a precedent for online campaigning.


The first online PAC, MoveOn.Org, gave us the earliest glimpse of the grassroots potential of the Net to raise money and mobilize citizens to a cause. The International network now has more than 2,000,000 online activists and is one of the most effective and responsive outlets for democratic participation available today. In June, 2003, MoveOn’s held the first ever U.S. online primary to endorse a democratic candidate. Over 317,000 voters participated. 54,370 pledged to volunteer for their preferred Democratic contender and 49,132 pledged to contribute money to their candidate, for a total estimated at more than $1.75 million.

George Papandreou

Papandreou is the net savvy Foreign Minister of Greece and has been one of the strongest advocates of multi-national e-democracy having pushed e-democracy at the UN, EU and in other international governmental organizations. He and his Foundations have sponsored the Online Global Poll for the UN Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg and the e-Vote project of the Greek Presidency of the EU.

Portico Library
Moseley Street, Manchester

The Portico Library was opened in 1806, following a decision taken by a group of Manchester businessmen in 1803. It is a listed Grade II* building of Runcorn stone, a fine example of Neo-Classical architecture designed by Thomas Harrison, architect of the earlier Liverpool Lyceum which inspired the Mancunians to found their own ‘institute uniting the advantages of a newsroom and a library’. The site chosen was ‘the most elegant and retired street in town’ according to John Dalton. Money was raised by subscription and the subscribers became shareholders in the Library. Harrison was a leading exponent of the classical revival and the Portico is one of the finest examples of this style, with its Ionic facade and graceful domed and pillared interior.
The Library was an immediate success, combining as it did newsroom, library and club, for members could buy light refreshments on the premises as they still can today. Boomtown Manchester, published in 1993, provides much information on the early history and development of the Library as a respected Manchester institution. The Portico Library: A History gives a comprehensive and up-to-date account of the Library. The ground floor is now tenanted by Six Continents. Major renovation of the roof, dome and the south staircase has been undertaken, both to restore former glories and to keep abreast of present-day statutory requirements.

The Portico Library in the 19th century …….

……. and today.


The website is run by the association The association with offices in Berlin, Germany, continues to work journalistically and scientifically on issues as e-Government, e-Democracy and e-Consuming. Since 2001, the idea and concept of spread in Europe with partners established similar websites in Switzerland (, France ( and the Netherlands ( This year they also established, a site concerned with the issues of the only big UN-summit this year, the “World Summit on the Information Society.” is an umbrella website for many conservative organizations, as well as thousands of hardworking, patriotic Americans across the United State. It’s goal is to counter the well-financed antics of radical left-wing groups like, by appealing to the grassroots “silent majority” to take action — contacting government and business leaders; placing newspaper, radio and television ads; and holding the Left accountable for their anti-American antics. is led by long-time conservative activists William Greene and Phil Sheldon; they’ve combined their years of expertise in online and offline political activism and fundraising to birth the most dynamic conservative grassroots movement ever seen online. is another excellent example of grassroots internet activism, providing a place for Republicans to not only receive news updates and read articles, but voice their own opinions as well. describes itself as a community, where each registered user can post information in his or her own diary and interact with each other.’s popularity and innovative approach to blogging has made it a well-deserved political hotsite.

Salem Pax

The famouse Bagdhad blogger, Salem started a movement that brought blogging mainstream and the war with Iraq up close and personal. He gave the world a view of the war that was unique and important to the global community. Citizen / personal journalism at its best…what blogs are all about.

StemWijzer in Holland and the Wahl-O-Mat in Germany, license of StemWijzer, are both political preference tests. By answering on 25-30 questions taken from the election programs of parties contesting the elections users get an advice which party suits best. On election day 23rd of January 2003 the StemWijzer generated more than 200.000 recommendations. At the parliamentary elections both in 2002 and 2003 the overall results exceeded more than 2 million recommendations. At the Bundestag-elections in Germany 2002 the Wahl-O-Mat did provide more than 3,6 million recommendations in four weeks time.

Sheffield City Council

Sheffield is currently engaged in a three-year election modernization program which uses state-of-the-art technology to make it easier and more convenient for citizens to engage with government. In the May 2002 and 2003 local elections, voters were able to choose from a broad range of 21st century voting options: Internet, free-phone telephone, SMS text messaging, public access kiosk with Smart Cards and the traditional polling station. Close to 40%of Sheffield voters e-voted, and 95%-98% of voters said that they would e-vote again.
Norodom Sihanouk (The Blogger King)
The ex-king of Cambodia is 82 years and battling cancer, but neither age nor illness have stopped him from blogging. For three years Sihanouk has promoted free speech and democracy through his blog, which receives over 1,000 visitors each day. He shares his opinions on everything from entertainment to Cambodian politics to gay marriage, and has attracted international attention.

Joe Trippi
Joe Trippi-heralded on the cover of The New Republic as the man who “reinvented campaigning”-was born in California and began his political career working on Edward M. Kennedy’s presidential campaign in 1980. His work in presidential politics continued with the campaigns of Walter Mondale, Gary Hart, Richard Gephardt and Howard Dean. In 2004, he was National Campaign Manager for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign, pioneering the use of online technology to organize what became the largest grassroots movement in presidential politics. Through Trippi’s innovative use of the internet for small-donor fundraising, Dean for America ended up raising more money than any Democratic presidential campaign in history, all with donations averaging less than $100 each. Trippi’s innovations have brought fundamental change to the electoral system and will be the model for how all future political campaigns are run.

True Majority
True majority has successfully used web savvy viral marketing campaigns to sign up over 435,000 subscribers. Through short e-mail alerts True Majority explains what’s going on in Washington often asking members to send a free e-fax to their Congresspeople using their technology to generate a fax for members and send it for them. TrueMajority’s has also launched the “Computer Ate My Vote” campaign to protect the integrity of America’s elections by working with grassroots activists across the U.S., urging state election officials to prohibit the use of computerized voting machines until they are proven safe and have a way to run reliable recounts.

Tsunami Help Blog
The Tsunami Help Blog centralizes information and news about ongoing relief efforts for the countries affected by the December 2004 tsunami. The site provides a search resource for missing persons, a help needed/help offered posting board enabling greater organization and communication, and a database of helplines from all over the world. The site has reunited missing persons with their friends and families through posted photos and information, and proves that the Internet can increasingly be used for global relief efforts.

The Five to Watch – not really about politics is an international non-profit organization with a mission to help people in developing countries use information and communications technology (ICT) to improve their lives. It does not

provide infrastructure or hardware, but rather works with access initiatives to focus on getting technology used. The working in bridging the digital divide has been significant in developing countries in

Africa and around the world.

James Crabtree

James Crabtree is a key player in the superb e-gov website Voxpolitics, and runs the Industrial Society’s iSociety ICT research project. He also helped to develop the Digital Futures project at the Institute of Public Policy Research. A former political consultant, he worked as a webmaster and press secretary for a congressional candidate during US Election 2000.


UK’s OpenDemocracy is a channel for knowledge, learning, participation and understanding that is not owned by a media corporation, does not serve a special interest and does not adhere to a single ideological position. It’s new website covers issues ranging from American Power in the World, Globalization and The Environment. The contributor’s list reads like a Who’s Who of World Affairs.

PoliticsWatch was launched in Canada in 2000. Since its launch, the site has redefined the political internet in Canada and has had impact around the world wide web. It is an important national site in a country that has pioneered many used of the net in politics, academia, journalism and e-government.

Howard Rheingold

In his books Virtual Community and Smart Mobs has written about many of the ideas that have inspired the current changes in politics. Rhinegold has been thinking and writing about the digital future for over 20 years and his involvement dated to The Well and he was the first Executive Editor of Hotwired.

Good Website Resources

General Marketing Resources

American Marketing Association (AMA)

The website of the Chicago-based AMA contains a wide range of information for the academic and professional marketer. The site contains an extensive glossary of marketing terms and has access to a wide range of resources, including the global marketing and consumer behaviour academic special-interest group sites.


The website of the Australian and New Zealand marketing academics’ organization.

Australian Marketing Institute (AMI)

The AMI was founded in 1933 and represents professional marketers throughout Australia, including practitioners from all marketing functions and industries. This site has some very useful material on marketing metrics.

Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

The website of the largest international professional body for the discipline, based at Moor Hall, Cookham. The site has a knowledge hub on marketing and links to extensive resources and courses in the discipline.

Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR)

The CIPR is the UK’s leading public relations industry professional body. Founded in February 1948, today it has over 9,000 members.

China Marketing Academy

One of the prime academic organizations for marketing in China.

CIA World Fact Book

Great source of market information on most countries in the world, key resources, economic and human trends.

European Marketing Academy

The prime professional body for marketing academics in Europe.

Institute of Marketing and Management

The Indian teaching and research body based in New Delhi.

International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)

The IABC provides a network of more than 14,000 business communication professionals in over 70 countries.

Korean Academy of Marketing Science

The Korean Academy of Marketing Science is an international professional organization for practitioners, professors and students involved in various areas of marketing.


Well-regarded marketing information site.


MarketingProfs is a very usable, US-based professional marketing support website, with over 300,000 members and 300 contributors.

New   Zealand Marketing Association

The Association’s purpose is to encourage and develop the highest standards of measurable marketing in New   Zealand.

Specialist Marketing Resources

Association for Consumer Research (ACR)

The website and resources of the internationally regarded ACR.


Based in Vancouver, Adbusters is a not-for-profit, reader-supported magazine with a circulation of 120,000, which is concerned with the erosion of the physical and cultural environment by commercial forces. Very much a counter-culture organization that challenges non-responsible marketing.

Advertising Age

Advertising Age magazine contains news, analysis, information and data on advertising, marketing and media, and the site includes news, demographics, columns, blogs, podcasts and research papers.

Advertising Principles

A website developed by Scott Armstrong that provides useful knowledge about persuasion through advertising as a set of evidence-based principles. The principles draw upon typical practice, expert opinion, factual evidence and empirical studies.

Advertising World

A marketing communications directory maintained by the department of advertising at the University of Texas, Austin; a well-organized directory of websites related to everything, from account planning to actors and models to website promotion and word of mouth.


A website established by John Kramer, which provides a list of self-help sites for those involved in marketing, publishing and writing books and electronic texts. Very interactive and a mine of useful sources for the entrepreneurial author.

Brand Channel

Established in 2001 by Interbrand, this website is a major international resource and discussion forum for all aspects of branding.

CSR Europe

CSR Europe is the leading European business network for corporate social responsibility, with around 70 multinational corporations and 25 national partner organizations as members.

European Academy of Business in Society

EABIS is an alliance of companies, business schools and academic institutions that is, with the support of the European Commission, committed to integrating business-in-society issues and the heart of business theory and practice in Europe.


A California-based applied ethics resource.

Fairtrade Labelling Organization International

A non-profit, multi-stakeholder association involving 23 member organizations that are focused on fair trade. The site includes traders, external experts and links to national organizations.

Intelligent Giver

Independent UK-based, charity-advisory organization, which rates best practice in charities.

Marketing Terms

Includes extensive resources on Internet marketing, including a list of acronyms and dictionary of terms.

Phil Harris

Author’s website with corporate communication, political marketing and public affairs papers, plus a number of links to international research sites.


The political marketing website.


The website of the largest internationally circulated magazine on public relations.

Scott Armstrong

The website of Scott Armstrong of Wharton Business School contains a range of information on forecasting and predicting outcomes, and a list of useful papers and ideas.


The website of Professor Stephen Brown, who has been called ‘the Antichrist of Marketing’ and ‘a postmodern provocateur’, and who is invariably thought-provoking.

Slow Food

A non-profit, eco-gastronomic member-supported organization that was founded in 1989 to counteract fast food. It is now a worldwide pressure group, with support throughout Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Web Marketing

A website that includes ecommerce, email, Internet marketing; annotated links to articles and resources; and articles from current and past issues of Web Marketing Today.

Word of Mouth Marketing Association

A consumer-to-consumer and consumer-to-marketer communications site that has a library of information, including case studies, and among its related concepts are viral, buzz, grassroots, street team and other types of marketing in which the consumer takes on an active role.

Social Networking Websites


Based in San   Francisco with over 30 million users, who are primarily teenagers and young adults. In 2007 it was rated the most used social networking website for the UK, Ireland and New Zealand.


The second-most significant social networking site on the US web, with a significant emphasis on college students. In the top ten of sites visited in the world, and often referred to as a marketer’s dream because of its availability to use advertising to target potential customers.


The largest social networking site on the web, with a reported 200 million members in 2007. Bought in 2005 by Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp, stable mate of Fox TV, the Wall Street Journal, The Times, Sky TV and the Sun.


A social networking site for learning what brands your friends own, judging photos of products and being able to trade. Free to use, since Zebo sell products in their online shop. As a member you can also sell your own products.

International Marketing Resources


A website maintained by the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), located at Michigan State University. It provides a comprehensive glossary of business concepts and has access to a range of websites that provide data on trade and investment flows.

Research Resources


Renowned marketing information provider; part of the Nielson group of companies.


The British Broadcasting Corporation website is very interactive and full of data and links.

Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email

The anti-commercial spam site with major branches in the USA, Canada and Australia.

Executive Planet

The site maintained by Executive Planet Inc. provides basic information on business culture in many developed and developing countries, and it links to sites with further information on this subject.


No marketing resources would be complete without the services of Google to search the web, usernet and images. It also includes specialist research facilities such as Google Scholar and Google Maps.

Guardian Unlimited

Home of the Guardian, the Observer and the Guardian Weekly newspapers, plus special-interest websites, it has a regular special on advertising, marketing and public relations.

The New York Times

Nicknamed the ‘Gray Lady’ for its staid appearance and style, it is seen as the US national paper of record, its stable mate being the International Herald Tribune.


Monitors breaking news in 22 languages from the Internet’s key online publications, including international, national and regional titles, newswires, magazines, press releases and exclusively online news sources spanning 139 countries.



Is a visual search engine that extracts keywords from search results and builds a word cloud. By clicking words in the cloud you refine your query. A very good site for creatives, it is based in Russia to give breadth to the marketing mindset.


An online encyclopaedia written by users. Provided one has a critical perspective, Wikipedia can often be an excellent source for background on a subject. Currently the largest multilingual free-content encyclopaedia on the Internet.

International Institutions

Websites of international organizations containing information on policies, programmes, statistics, papers and other data connected to marketing.


A website with information on the aims and objectives of APEC, and data relating to trade and investment flows.

European Union

Access to all the institutions, policies and programmes of the EU, Eurostat (the statistical agency of the EU), and to the text on all legislation issued by the EU.

Food and Agriculture Organization for the United Nations (FAO)

Papers, reports and data on global issues connected to food and agriculture.

International Labour Organization (ILO)

Papers, reports and data on global issues connected to labour and employment, including labour market conditions in developed and developing countries, and employment practices by multinational corporations (MNCs).

International Monetary Fund

Access to data, papers, reports and comments on international monetary and investment matters, including country studies, and developments in financial and banking conditions in many developed and developing countries.

International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

Papers, reports and data on global issues connected to telecommunications and information, technology and communication (ITC).


Information on legal texts and other data on Mercosur; some of the material is in Spanish.


Information on legal texts and other data on NAFTA; in English, French and Spanish.

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Papers, reports and comments on matters connected to many areas of international business, and codes of conduct for MNCs.

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

Papers, reports and data on matters connected to trade, investment and development in developing countries.

United Nations Economic Commissions

Papers, reports and data matters connected to trade, investment and development

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE)

United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)

United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)

United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)

United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)

Papers, reports and data on matters connected to sustainable development and environmental protection in a global economy context.

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Papers, reports and data on matters connected to industrial policies and competitiveness in a global economy context.

United Nations Organizations

This site provides web access to all United Nations agencies and programmes.

World Bank

Access to data, papers, reports and comments on developing country issues, including access to the World Business Environment Survey (WBES), a global survey of business environment conditions. This includes information on ownership, location, size, exports, government regulations and measures of corruption, as well as other indicators on the characteristics of business culture.

World Trade Organization

Papers, reports and data on trade issues, including trade disputes, rules for trading and access to material on general agreement on trade and tariffs (GATT), general agreement on trade in services (GATS), trade-related intellectual property (TRIPS) and trade-related investment measures (TRIMS).

Websites of Central Banks

Bank of England

Access to data, papers, reports and comments on economic and business issues in the UK.

Bank of Japan

Access to data, papers, reports and comments on economic and business issues in Japan.

Bank of International Settlements

Access to data, papers, reports and comments on matters connected to international capital flows and international banking.

Federal Reserve Bank of America

Access to data, papers, reports and comments on a host of economic and business issues that affect both the US and world economy.

European Central Bank

Access to data, papers, reports and comments on economic and business issues in the EU.

Web sites of financial and business newspapers, magazines and media providers


Information services, news and media company site.

Business Week

Site provides limited free access (unlimited to subscribers), articles and commentary on global business issues.


Site provides limited free access (unlimited to subscribers), articles and surveys on matters connected to international business.

Financial Times

Site provides limited free access (unlimited to subscribers), articles, surveys and statistics on companies and matters connected to international business.


Electronic publication on global issues connected to information, technology and communication (ITC).


Provider of information on current affairs, finance and technology.

Web sites of consultancy firms

Boston Consulting Group

Limited free access to material on strategic issues affecting marketing.

Ernst &Young

Good materials on corruption and growth markets


Limited free access to material on strategic issues affecting marketing.


Accountancy and service provider who is a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives in the UK. Also good materials on countering corruption and access to free background reports on key marketing sectors.


Good access materials, especially on the development of Chinese business and marketing.


Limited free access to material on strategic issues affecting marketing.


Limited free access to material on joint ventures affecting a part of strategic marketing.

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