Current activities

Dear Phil,

How are you?  Hope all is going well for you in Chester.  Attached is a digital copy of my thesis for your list of PhDs. I thank you for your support and friendship in making this happen. It was a tough journey, but I got there in the end.  If you are ever in Switzerland, let me know. Dr. Ermen would like to take you out for a beer and some good Swiss food.  Have a great week and send my best regards to Irene.

Best wishes from Winterthur.  David

Academy of Marketing (AM)

As a past Chairman and Deputy Chairman of AM, Phil has a strong belief in and
appreciation of the development of the development of quality marketing teaching
and research. In his three years as chairman he instigated the establishment of
its Research and Education Committee initiatives. Since relocating to New
Zealand he has maintained quality collaborations and relationships with a range
of professional bodies, business schools, businesses and publishers.

American Marketing Association (AMA)
Phil is an executive board member of the AMA Global Marketing Group and has responsibility for international conferences and collaborative initiatives.

AM Political Marketing

A Forum for all those engaged in political marketing research to share and communicate ideas, nformation, conference and event details. Political marketing as a topic includes lobbying, elections, referenda and campaign communication. To join email or visit the Web page at:


Phil is co-ordinator of this network and President of the Academy of Marketing Political Marketing Special Interest Group. He is particularly interested in lobbying,corporate and pressure group campaigns and political campaigning and associated funding

Chartered Institute of Marketing
He is a member of the academic senate and an elected member of the Board of Trustees of CIM, the largest professional marketing body in the world.

European Centre for Public Affairs
Phil is chairman of the Research Committee of the ECPA Research Committee. He isparticularly interested in the measurement of the EU industry and CSR.

Journal of Political Marketing

He is member of the senior advisory Board of the Journal of Political Marketing edited by Bruce Newman and member of the publisher